Ends on April 16, 2018

NOTE: This call for papers is for individual papers only. If this doesn't describe what you're submitting, please see:

The ACHA is now accepting individual papers for inclusion in its 2019 annual meeting to be held in Chicago in January 2019. Topics covering any period of Catholic history are welcome.

Submission deadline: Monday, April 16, 2018 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Rules and eligibility for proposals

Before registering, please review the following rules. (Don't skip these; if your proposal does not comply, it will be rejected.)

  • You must be an ACHA member in good standing at the time you submit your proposal and must maintain your membership until the conclusion of the Chicago meeting in January 2019. (You may register or renew your membership at achahistory.org.)
  • If your paper is accepted for inclusion on the ACHA program, you must also register for the American Historical Association (AHA) conference.
  • You may only submit one proposal for the conference. 
  • You cannot present at the 2019 conference if you have presented at both of the two previous ACHA annual conferences (that is, at Washington 2018 and Denver 2017). Our policy is that members may present for a maximum of two years in a row, and then must wait a year before presenting again.
  • You may only serve as a chair or commentator on one panel in addition to presenting one paper.
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